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Company Profile


LILIN TOUR & TRAVEL is a company which gives services on Tour & Travel. Recently, the development of tourism is very fast, as many new hotels are built. It indicates that the hotel occupancy develops rapidly in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is the city of students and the city of culture as well. Yogyakarta is also one of the best tourism destination and even close to one of the miracles in the world, that is the Borobudur Temple in Central Jawa.

Based on the data issued by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia that the number of Tourism Bureau is not comparable with the number of tourists coming from abroad, which may contribute to the national devisen. LILIN TOUR & TRAVEL is founded for the sake of giving the contribution to the national devisen through Tourism Services. Lilin Tour & Travel works in colaboration with Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, and Tourism Destinations operators.

Considering the rules of Tourism Services , Lilin Tour & Travel has legacy as follow :

– Legal document No.03 tgl 14 October 2014

– Tax Register Number/NPWP No.

– HO No. 503/011401.68.14/HO/2014

– Company License/SIUP No. 503/002722/PK/XII?2014

– Company Register/TDP No. 120237904276

– Company Register on Tourism/TDUP No. 503/180/BPW/0.14

– Business Identification Number/NIB No. 0200010091142


People’s lives develop and change rapidly, so do their life styles as well. Nowadays, people are very busy on their own field, such as state officers, students, teachers, enterpreneurs caused by their daily routine activities. So that it might cause negative impacts for not having innovations, even being bored.

Considering those cases above, LILIN TOUR & TRAVEL tries to offer interesting programs such as study tour, outbond, family tour, leisure, etc.


The ‘Tour Program’ is conducted for the sake of operating programs as follow :

  1. Motivating and stimulating new spirit
  2. Refreshing for being fun and happy
  3. Recognizing tourism destination either education or fun
  4. Growing friendship among families and communities as well.


LILIN TOUR & TRAVEL to be the first and main referenced agent for domestic and foreign tourists as well.


  • Empowering and enlarging the development of tourism in Yogyakarta and Indonesia in general, in collaboration with the local and center government as well.
  • Giving best services for the sake of growing impressive and sustainable relationship
  • Promoting the tourism destinations by collaborating with hotels, airline, and railway ticketing, restaurants, and handcraft shops such as silver shops, batik, leather pupets or wayang, and clay ceramics, etc.